Buying a House in the UK

We can help
House purchase in the UK is thankfully a little easier than in Switzerland, although not without its pitfalls. We can help you to arrange a mortgage smoothly and easily, whether you want to buy an investment property or wish to buy a home in the UK prior to your return there to live. You may just wish to buy a holiday home. Whatever you want to do, contact your Independent Financial Advisors, Grether MacGeorge GmbH. We can help you.

Although the Financial Services industry is very tightly controlled in the UK, for expatriates buying properties at a distance such protection is very limited. We have come across a number of cases where expatriates resident in Switzerland have been taken advantage of. Avoid such problems with early advice from Independent Financial Advisors, Grether MacGeorge GmbH. Give us a call so we can “hold your hand” through the difficult process and help you to protect your interests.