Ethical Investments

Investing for a brighter future
With more and more people taking an interest in ethical and environmental issues, investors will be pleased to discover that there are increasing opportunities to combine ethical and financial decision-making.

There are a wide range of different Investment Funds claiming to be “ethical”, “green” or to have in some other way “environmental” credentials. Of course, they can’t all be the same. As an investor you must not only try to find the best fund from a performance point of view, you also have to measure the “greeness” of the fund as measured by your own criteria. You might even have religious reasons for taking a particular view on investing.

Positive Investment Criteria
Positive criteria used in the creation of an Ethical Investment Fund include the identification of companies or industries that make a positive contribution to the life of the planet or to people living in it.This may include companies with good employee relations, high energy efficiencies, enlightened attitudes to third world peoples and companies that are seen to be improving the quality of life of people generally.

Negative Investment Criteria
Negative criteria used to weed out unsuitable companies to invest in include the identification of certain exploitative industries (eg arms, tobacco, alcohol), industrial practices (eg child labour, discrimination against women, exploitation of employees) or companies with links to hostile or anti-social political regimes (eg South Africa before Mandela).

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