Buying a house

A shortcut to house ownership
Buying a house is one of those times when you really need legal advice to make sure you fully understand the process and its legal implications . The professional advisors at Grether MacGeorge GmbH have seen most of the problems faced by expats many times before and can help you to avoid them.

There may be restrictions that apply if you wish to buy a house in Switzerland, depending upon your nationality and your work permit status. Grether MacGeorge GmbH’s professional advisors can help you with the legal, financial and tax issues affecting your decision to buy or not to buy, and more importantly, how to buy.

In Switzerland you usually need a deposit of 15 to 20% of the purchase price before you can get a mortgage. House prices are very stable, and so you should view house purchase as a lifestyle choice rather than as an investment decision.

Grether MacGeorge GmbH can help you to locate a mortgage provider, and give you legal advice on the contract terms and conditions, as well as the competitiveness of the interest rate.

Alternatively, you can bring us the legal paperwork of your own choice of mortgage provider or architect and have a professional advisor explain it to you in plain English.

House owners are charged tax on a fictitious rental income, and real estate property is one of the few assets that private individuals could pay capital gains tax on in Switzerland. On the other hand, mortgage interest can be set against your taxable income.

Having the help and assistance of the professional advisors of Grether MacGeorge GmbH behind them has helped many, many expats in the past to get the balance right.