Company Formation

What Grether MacGeorge GmbH will do to help you

All businesses set up in Switzerland must be registered with the relevant authorities – even if all you do is part-time or self-employed work.

1. Company Formation

  • Evaluation of the options (sole trader/partnership vs GmbH/AG)
  • Definition of Name and Purpose of the company, including searches of National Registers
  • Sole trader company (ie you are self-employed): Application forms for Handelsregister (Trade Register)
  • Partnership: Partnership contract and assistance with the Application for the Handelsregister
  • GmbH/AG: Setting up the statutes and coordination with the Notary

2. AHV/IV/ALV (Social Security)
As a company owner you have to pay AHV/IV (State Pension and Disability Insurance) contributions for yourself and for your employees as well as ALV (Unemployment Insurance) and FAK (Family Allowances contributions) for your employees.

If you are a self-employed sole trader the Ausgleichskasse (AHV office) will want to know that you meet all the requirements to be recognized as self-employed. In order to avoid difficulties it is important to give the right information to the Ausgleichskasse from the beginning.

Grether MacGeorge GmbH helps you to select the best Ausgleichskasse for your company and to fill in the application forms.

3. Mehrwertsteuer (Value Added Tax)
If your estimated turnover exceeds Fr. 100,000.- p.a. you will have to charge Mehrwertsteuer for your services. There are various options that have an influence on the amount of MWST you will have to pay. Grether MacGeorge GmbH will provide the application forms and explain the options to you.

4. Premises
Grether MacGeorge GmbH can help you to identify suitable premises and will check the rental or purchase contract for you to make sure there are no hidden traps.

5. Work Permits
For non-Swiss employees who do not have a C-permit you will have to apply for a work permit. There are different kinds of work permits available that are easier or harder to obtain. Grether MacGeorge GmbH explains the procedures and requirements to you, provides the forms and helps you to negotiate the permits with the relevant authorities.

6. Licenses and Permissions
If a special licence or permission is needed for your business, Grether MacGeorge GmbH will inform you of the requirements and will help you with the documentation and application.

7. Contracts
To protect yourself, your company and your employees we recommend all Companies work with safe and comprehensive contracts, eg

  • Job contract for employees
  • Client contracts

Grether MacGeorge GmbH helps you to set up these contracts to make sure they give you the required protection and abide by Swiss Law.

8. Bookkeeping and Company administration
For its client companies Grether MacGeorge GmbH offers employee administration (payroll, contracts, insurances etc). We can also recommend bookkeepers that are specialised in working for small and medium size companies.

9. Banking
Grether MacGeorge GmbH can help you to identify which bank will be best to use for your business and will help you in making the necessary contacts.

10. Networking
Grether MacGeorge GmbH can give you a list of business networks and associations that you might like to join to get your company known. Through our associated company, Grether Concepts, we can also provide help with the launch of your company (media campaigns, direct marketing, advertising, website design etc).

11. Ongoing Support
Grether MacGeorge GmbH provides ongoing legal and corporate services support for its clients through meetings, telephone and email. If we can’t answer a question ourselves, we will efficiently put you in touch with the right person or institution to contact.